Staalintermediairs products

Crane Construction

Ever since the company’s foundation, SIH has been involved in crane construction for both the Dutch and the international markets. Our standard product range consequently includes components for dock cranes, floating and offshore cranes All of these components are produced by our regular subcontractors who manufacture to drawing and in accordance with the specifications, requirements and regulations you and/or we provide.

One of our specialities is the production and assembly of wheel sets, the so-called bogies, in various sizes and dimensions. Of course, we also manufacture separate wheels and axles to customer specification.

Below are just a few examples of our range of products for the crane construction sector:

  • Drums
  • Winches / Shafts
  • Bases / Pedestals
  • Booms
  • Other kinds of construction

Mechanical Engineering

In collaboration with our experienced partners, SIH is able to offer a full package of products and components for the general mechanical design and engineering sector. Indeed, it is this field in which our subcontractors have particular expertise. Whether this involves providing total solutions, manufacturing components or producing composite constructions, we guarantee a trouble-free, solution to meet your requirements perfectly.

Our service package for the mechanical design and engineering sector includes:

  • Mechanical engineering prototypes
  • Heavy mechanical engineering, steel constructions and hydraulic systems
  • Erection and assembly
  • Turnkey projects in bespoke mechanical engineering


SIH also supplies products for the automotive sector and is renowned for its steel components, especially for the construction of heavy duty trailers. We manufacture and supply a wide range of components which are primarily used under the trailers. These components are all manufactured to customer specifications and requirements and most must also meet extremely high quality standards, which poses no problem whatsoever for SIH! We use materials with specific bending properties for the production of components which are to be bent or shaped, for example. We supply various components for the construction of trailers; wheel sets for so-called roll-trailers, are just one example. Furthermore, we can take care of the logistics on behalf of the customer, if required.

Dredging industry

The Netherlands has a prominent position in the global dredging industry. So it is only logical that SIH also supplies various components for the construction of large dredging equipment. We manufacture and supply a range of special products at attractive prices. Take our sand pump shaft and suction covers, for example.

Our product range for the dredging industry also includes:

  • Forged and machined components
  • Swivel bends
  • Valves, both conventional and regulating
  • Various large and small components
  • Cast bends
  • Various constructions

Customised solutions

SIH is your partner for customised solutions. We are also the company to contact for any engineering work.
Below are just some examples of the varied products and services we can supply:

  • Parts for the forestry sector
  • Bottle racks for water coolers
  • Carriage material for large crane hire companies
  • Buoys
  • Mechanical engineering parts
  • Production of prototypes
  • Other bespoke work