Why SIH?

Strong partner in steel, production abroad, regular skilled, subcontractors, highly competitive rates, on-site testing and inspection, delivery is free domicile

Strong partner in steel outsourcing

Staal Intermediairs Hagestein bv (SIH) has many years of experience in production outsourcing, primarily in the field of steel. Whether this concerns separate products, components or total turnkey solutions, it is all done entirely to customer specification. SIH provides professional subcontracting and service.

Professional and service driven

Outsourcing is everyday work for SIH, which collaborates closely with regular subcontractors abroad. Professional companies that have demonstrated their expertise in steel production on many an occasion over the years and can help you reduce costs. We commission them to produce a wide range of steel products, components and segments for various applications. Our approach is professional and service driven. We guarantee our customers a high quality end product, produced at highly competitive rates. The fact that our entire service, including purchase, inspection, import, export and transport, is delivered from one central point, enables us to optimally meet your requirements. Thanks to the diversity of products and services we provide to different customers in a wide range of sectors, we are confident we would also be able to meet your specific requirements.

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